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CARGO: SmokyEye Kit

One of the presents I was gifted this year was the CARGO SmokyEye kit (availble at CVS for $39) from one of my cousins who always rocks the smokey eye look. I think the reason why she gave me this kit is because I almost never do a smokey eye. I do like to use dark colors around my eye, but I almost never blend far away enough to make it actually have that hazey smokey eye effect. I have been watching a lot of Merlin recently, so as soon as I looked at the kit I thought of Morgause and her epic, dramatic eye makeup that they use in the show.

Here’s a photo of the kit after I had used it to see if I wanted to do a review. It comes in a tin box, and is packed with a “SmokeyEye Brush,”  the “SupersEyes Mascara,” and the duo eyeshadow squares. There is one cream eyeshadow that is meant to be put down first, and then set with a much darker powder eyeshadow.

The cream blends very  nicely but is not a dark black– it blends into a grey and I had a hard time making it any darker than that. This is made up for by the powder eyeshadow, because the color for that is much darker. Since it’s meant to be a smokey look, I can understand why even with the powder eyeshadow this set doesn’t blend into a black color over the lids. Regardless, I found the color too light for my tastes and I could barely see the smokiness, so I ended up darkening the look with some smudged eyeliner. The mascara that comes with this set is very nice though– the formula is liquid and thus too weak to keep my monolid eyelashes up, however, so you can’t see them in the photos. It went on very fine and separated the hairs, and it appeared to elongate the eyelashes as much as most mascaras. I put on some false eyelashes for the photos since the mascara could not be seen.

The eyeshadow brush is interesting– I think the quality of it is nice, and the plastic bottom is easy to hold. It’s sculpted so that there’s a flat side so that the brush can dry on its side when washed. I prefer shorter brushes because with my poor eyesight it’s easier for me to do my makeup without my glasses on if I’m closer to the mirror. I’ll wash it later tonight to see if a lot of hairs fall off of it.

Sorry, haven’t tweezed my eyebrows this week  yet! Please forgive, haha. I ended up adding more grey all the way up to where the crease should be to make it smokier for the thumbnail photo– I usually don’t blend eyeshadow up to where my crease is supposed to be. I don’t have a crease, so it seems kind of purposeless to do that regularly.

All in all, this set is not bad. I think the eyeshadows are really nice for how well they blend, and the lightness of the color is more likely an issue with my preferences than it is with the product. I liked getting a tin with it because I have a lot of trinkets I can put in there, and the big open plastic window to the tin will let me see what is stashed away quite nicely. I wish I could say more about the mascara– it feels like it’s supposed to be a really nice product, but my physical eyelashes are just not suited for wet formulas. I’m sure someone who does not have monolid eyelids will get much better results with it. I think I’m not quite a smokey eye convert yet, but I do this this kit definitely simplifies doing the look thanks to how well the eyeshadows work with each other.