Hello! My name is Colleen, but I also go by Chien.

I am an Assistant Product Manager at a Biotechnology company, where I was previously the Product Support Specialist of the Product Manager. I completed my BS in Cell and Developmental Biology at CSUF in 2013. I have worked as a Chemistry Student Assistant (basically a TA that does not teach lab), Student Research Assistant at multiple Biochemistry and Chemistry laboratories, and as a tutor at CSUF. Previously, I was also an entertainer and organizer for Blue Rose Academy entertainment group. I am self-employed as a doll customizer and freelance artist. I started learning Shaolin Northern Long Fist Kung Fu in August of 2011, and have learned Pai Lum Kung Fu in the past. I was an intern for two years at the WoMen’s Center at CSUF as a facilitator for the Asian American student discussion group and am a co-facilitator for the queer student discussion group.

Nice to meet you!