5/28/13 - Updated my resume and will be putting up more essays eventually.

12/12/12 – Lockdown at CSUF

So for those who haven’t heard yet, five armed robbers were on campus last...
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Finally, Business Cards! Plus, Other Instagram Shots!

First, I love my business cards! I didn’t order that many of them because...
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Burner Balms Overview

A quick overview of the Burner Balms I had made! Preorders are still open...
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Motorcitea: Mike Chilton

My awesome friend Ber recently made a blend on Adagio for a “Motorcitea” fandom...
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BJD Face-up Example

BJD Face-up Fundamentals

OTHER THAN MSC, face-up supplies pretty much last forever. I haven’t had to replace...
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Why Dolls?

As long as I’m painting dolls, I don’t think I can ever leave this...
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Aging Up Characters

Aging Up Characters

The Harry Potter movies did this right, okay. One of my pet peeves is...
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Iwata: Eclipse HP-SBS Side Feed Airbrush Model ECL3500

Note: I am a new to using airbrushes, so this review is my impression...
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On Writing Children and Young Adults

Life is unkind. Everyone eventually goes through tremendous shit that shapes who they are...
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Hada Labo: Moisturizing Cleanser, Toner, and Lotion

A couple of things fell into place a few weeks ago. First of all,...
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Iwata: Silver Jet IS-50 Airbrush Compressor

Note: I am a new to using airbrushes, so this review is my impression...
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Superman: A Hero Who Evolved with the Times

Note: Today, I am putting up an essay I wrote about the popularity of...
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Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

I have to say, this movie took me by surprise. I had heard so...
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The Thin Brush Debate

Note: All photos in this post are much larger than the usual photos I...
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ALA 2012 Adventure Time Panel

About a month ago, my friend from university contacted me about assisting her at...
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CARGO: SmokyEye Kit

One of the presents I was gifted this year was the CARGO SmokyEye kit...
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MirrorBook Air, Mirror ipad, Mirror Sony for BJD

I recently joined a Group Order ran by Spiteless on Den of Angels for...
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Introducing: Dolls

On the 5th of May in 2003, Volks released their first version of SD13...
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